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Food Trucks
Food Trucks – How to Get Your Business ‘Moving’ Forward is a book for those inspiring entrepreneurs looking at starting and running their own food truck business. This book will help you understand what the food truck industry is all about, including some of the basics relevant to running a successful food truck business.

This book will help you compile your business plan and highlight the importance of having a good and reasonable one-pager which becomes your action plan going forward. We will be looking at the ‘food’ that goes into your food truck, looking at elements you need to consider when planning your menus.

We also look into the ‘truck’ used in your food truck business, explicitly focusing on being presentable and practical. The best part of having a food truck business is moving to a new location when you are not succeeding, which is difficult for fixed business owners. When the going gets tough, the truck gets moving. Free on Kindle.
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