Commercial Real Estate Investing For Beginners: Develop The Strategies, Skills And Methods To Gain Financial Freedom And Earn Passive Income From Your Rental Properties

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS will guide you to develop the strategies, skills and methods you need to gain financial freedom and earn passive income from your rental properties. This book will unlock the secrets of investing in commercial real estate at a nearly ZERO TAX RATE. This means that the properties you acquire are put to work for you, increasing your income in a stable and sure manner with minimal time commitment on your part. Investing in commercial real estate prope... [Read More...]

Free: Making It in Real Estate

With over 35 years in commercial real estate, author John McNellis has taken the best-selling first edition of Making It in Real Estate and expanded it with new content, market-specific solutions, and real-life strategies to start and grow your real estate portfolio. ... [Read More...]