Dividend Investing for Beginners: Build your Dividend Strategy, Buy Dividend Stocks Easily, and Achieve Lifelong Passive Income (BONUS: Living Off Your Dividends; What are REITS & Other Instruments?)

Discover how you can get paid regularly — without doing any work Looking for a way to invest in stocks without having to keep monitoring the markets? Want to enjoy cold, hard cash from your stocks without ever having to sell them? Dividend investing gives you the best of both worlds. You get a regular source of income in the form of dividends, while still benefiting from increases in stock prices. When you buy dividend stocks, you get to enjoy the fruits of your investment right away, ins... [Read More...]

Don’t Retire…Graduate!: Building a Path to Financial Freedom and Retirement at Any Age

“If you only read one book about your personal finances, make sure it’s this one. To say this book is “terrific” vastly understates its value.” – 5 Starred Readers Favorite review. This book makes personal finance and security easy—no matter where you’re starting from. With detailed and digestible instructions for nearly every starting point—whether you’re just beginning to invest money and get out of debt, or stand only a few years away from retirement—Don’t... [Read More...]