How to Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Anyone that has ever had to interact with a customer can agree that you never want them to complain, especially if it’s going to end with them bringing out the infamous line — “I want to speak to your manager!”

When a customer feels like the employee they’re talking with can’t resolve the problem, they’ll want to speak with a higher authority. That’s a customer escalation. Customer escalation management is the process a business puts in place to manage customer issues. That process usual involves a tracking and prioritization system, as well as measures to ensure customer concerns are addressed and even prevented in the future.

Customer Escalations Management: The Golden Recipe

Customer escalation management is a necessary practice for most companies. For businesses looking to develop that practice, there’s a comprehensive book on the topic.
Customer Escalations Management: The Golden Recipe, written by Nikolaos Zormpas, provides you with insightful ideas on how to change your approach to customer escalation and ensure that you’ll keep your customers happy. If your business views customer escalation management and customer service as burdens, then this book might change view and open up some new possibilities for your CS teams.

As Nikolaos Zormpas puts it, “No one likes complaints, especially from customers. What if we look at these complaints differently though, by seeing them as opportunities instead of problems? You should still aim to avoid escalations and complaints; nevertheless, your attitude toward them should make all the difference.”

Zormpas covers the following major topics in the book:

  • How to handle customer complaints and escalations seamlessly throughout your company to ensure no cases get dropped.
  • Simple ways to reduce escalations without ignoring customer complaints.
  • Why customer escalations can be a boon to your company, and how you can use this to your advantage.
  • How to enable your customer-interacting employees to determine which issues need to be escalated and which can be resolved at their level.

The book offer many strategy and execution tips, such as:

  • How to be better equipped to respond to your customers’ needs
  • How a company’s leaders can significantly improve customer relations, even without being involved in day-to-day customer interaction.
  • The 8 phrases and words you should never use when dealing with complaints to avoid further aggravating your customers.

For anyone that has ever wondered how to handle customer complaints and escalations seamlessly throughout your company to ensure no cases get dropped, this book is for you. Customer Escalations Management: The Golden Recipe covers everything from how you can use customer escalations to your benefit to how you can strengthen customer relationships even without meeting them face-to-face and more helpful topics beyond that.

Customer service doesn’t have a painful cost center. It can be an innovation engine.

By preparing your organization to manage customer complaints and escalations—for any and all types of situations—you’ll be able to resolve issues smoothly and painlessly; essentially, you’ll keep your customers happy.