The Complete Guide to Free Bets: Everything you need to know about making free bets in the UK

This no-frills manual from Stephen Moses, an ‘experienced sports pundit for’ aims to help UK-based sports fans enjoy betting on their sport of choice profitably, predictably, and safely. Free bets, essentially a marketing strategy popular with many bookmakers, may provide a low, or in some cases, no-risk form of betting, which can lead to a modest, or occasionally, sizable profit.

The Complete Guide to Free Bets

Moses breaks down the various popular types of free betting on major sports such as football and horse racing available in the current UK market, as well as virtual and emerging sports, like MMA and even betting on wholly online contests like RPG powerhouse Call of Duty.

Explained in clear, jargon-free language accessible to virgin gamblers and the sport-averse, The Complete Guide, enlivened with case studies, makes for a quick, helpful read. It’s worth noting: Moses’ chosen big-win case studies are football dominated, and rely on some exceptionally lucky predictions, as well as some prior knowledge of teams, leagues, and players’ performance.

The author also touches on recent challenges and controversies in the industry: the long, slow decline of UK high streets, hastened by the Covid-19 pandemic has cemented the attrition of physical betting shops, alongside a boom in online betting. In addition, Moses addresses the calls to ban free bets, long held as a ‘gateway drug’ to problem gambling and addiction.

Pleasingly, Moses signposts readers to help and support for gambling addiction and practical tips to halt progress down the ‘slippery slope’, before concluding with cautious optimism.