Lessons in Lifecircle Leadership: A Practical Guide to Pragmatic Altruism

A simple, yet powerful truth—most problems have a solution that benefits all parties. That is pragmatic altruism. Drawing on her experiences as a healthcare management CEO, a parent, and a community leader, Dr. Kimberly Townsend shared her philosophy of why doing good is good for business in Lifecircle Leadership: How Exceptional People Make Every Day Extraordinary. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The People’s Gold: Everyone, Everywhere, Every time!

  In THE PEOPLE’S GOLD: EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, EVERY TIME!, you will discover: A step-by-step guide to getting started with gold investments, which you can follow even without any investing background: – How to legitimately invest in gold with less than $100 – Why you need to buy physical gold – How much of your portfolio to invest in gold so you don’t lose out on market gains, but you still protect yourself enough in case of a severe downturn – An easy and acces... [Read More...]

Keys to Conscious Business Growth

Do you know there are specific keys to help you grow your business? The authors of this book provide these keys with their personal insights to adjust your mindset, shift your focus, and stay on track for the success you desire and deserve. This teaching guide contains specific lessons, practices, tips, and tools that are immediately actionable and will assist and guide the conscious growth of your business and life. If your goal is to align your business with your values, improve your network ... [Read More...]

Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Brand From Zero to Hero in 2021

Growing on Instagram is a very complex and work intensive process. It can be compared to the launch of a spacecraft into outer space. This book teaches you the fundamentals of how to lift off into the Instagram universe. You will learn about how the algorithm works and how you can use this knowledge with the help of detailed step-by-step instructions. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Leader Armor: Leadership for the Law Enforcement First-line Supervisor

Are you a sworn or civilian law enforcement supervisor? Are you considering becoming a first-line supervisor? Are you interested in becoming a better leader? If so, this is the book to read. You have spent some time learning all the skills it takes to be a good cop, deputy, agent, or civilian member of a law enforcement agency. You’ve proven yourself on the front lines. You relied on tools such as protective instruments, defensive tactics, handcuffs, firearms, and your experience. In shor... [Read More...]

Stock Market For Beginners Book: Stock Market Basics Explained for Beginners Investing in the Stock Market

Let your money work for you! Stock market is the best way to do that. Invest in stock market and make money. This book gives you in simple and easy to understand language the tools and the language to invest in stock market with confidence $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]